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Reading between the Lines

Tapan Ghosh writes about how the fair-skin complex affects India and calls for people to repose confidence in the abilities of their fellow countrymen instead.

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An Anglo-Indian in Love: Book (Short Story)

A young man and an older woman from diverse backgrounds are thrown together in Calcutta of the 1950s. Love blossoms but they must overcome the barriers that could pull them apart. Trapped in an abusive marriage, Cindy represents the dilemma of the Anglo-Indians who felt a sense of loss of identity after the British left India. And Dilip, both hero and toughie, must overcome his traumatic...

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Flirt with Life: The only way out

After two works of fiction, Faceless and An Anglo-Indian in Love, which was published on Amazon last year, Tapan Ghosh has come out with his third offering, Flirt with Life – The Only Way Out, a collection of thoughts, observations and incidents based on his personal experience. By his own admission, the title of the […]

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