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Salvation in Love: All’s Well That Ends Well

This cafe was brightly lit by the sunshine through the glass. But I was missing the shining glow of my sweetheart. I tried to call her, her phone was not reachable. What could have gone wrong I wondered? Why did she play her role so well if she was not agreeable? Definitely not just to […]

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Salvation in Love: A 15-year Wait

I thought she was going a bit too far now and decided to intervene. Signalling Shobha to hold her horses, I stood in front of Anusha. “Wait a minute, we are here for a purpose, not to argue,” I said. Anusha came charging towards me but with an intriguing smile unseen by the other two, as […]

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Salvation in Love: Rendezvous at the Café

There was a couple sitting in the cafe when I walked in. As the light was low, I didn’t know who they were until the woman turned around, and I saw it was my wife. Oh! They are already here. Shobha is always a step ahead, I thought, as I pitched myself forward from behind […]

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He & I

He was a nice looker but with an unusual attitude. I did not know whether to pity him or envy him, as there was nothing in-between about him. Being raised in an orphanage, he learnt to be street smart at an early age. The combination of being ambitious and a dreamer paved the way for […]

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Are We Balanced?

Every object in the universe is balanced. However, the imbalance between our free mind and controlled mind is the cause of natural calamities and disharmony.

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Mythology and Religion

Scriptures form the basis of religion but rigidity sets in and the purpose is lost. The true meaning of religion is in absorbing the essence of the scriptures.

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I am a Nobody

I was a Somebody who kept Nobody away. Once, when critical, I surrendered to Nobody. He revived me. I now know we must surrender our problems to the God within.

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