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The Process of Detachment | Unconditional Love

The process of detachment is free for all, yet, the most rewarding. This process may be free but comes at a great cost. Because getting rid of attachment, cannot be done by cutting off all ties. You will only be suppressing it. This is a gradual and taxing process which demands the most disciplined mind […]

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Learn From Dogs | Life Lessons From Dogs

Dogs are in the unique position of being close to both God and man. Hence, a lot can be learnt from them. Dogs can be considered close to God because God has given them several good characteristics. Dogs are loyal and they wag their tail when happy. Dogs are hardworking, hence the expression, he works […]

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When We Lose Faith and Our Confidence Is Shattered

When we lose faith and our confidence is shattered We have lost control, which was all that mattered The right thing to do is exercise control over what is left Take charge of ourselves and do our best Not ask for sympathy, disconnect the mind from the rest Avail of this opportunity to put ourselves […]

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Balance Life, Have Fun, Be a Flirt | Motivational Video To Live Life

Balance life, have fun, be a flirt Yet stay calm, composed, always alert. Bring the heart and mind together Like a boxer and his manager Balancing the heart and mind all alone Multitasking, killing two birds with a stone The camera doesn’t matter, facing life is an act Believe in yourself, keep the faith intact […]

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