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Hum Baahar Se Ek, Andar Se Do Hain…

Hum wo nahin, duniya ke aage jo hain Baahar se ek, andar se do hain Ek padaishi roop, doosra duniyadaari ka Ek mohabbat ka, doosra zimmedaari ka Paidaishi roop aisa, ke sab thukraate hain Sacchaai ka saamna karne se, hum katraate ...

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Faceless | Best English Poem by Tapan Ghosh

What happens when a man exists in the duality of existing, yet not being there? Tapan Ghosh explores this state of being that sounds strange but is part of each one of us. Go, discover!

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O Sailor!

  It’s the way I want to be It’s beyond the pale for me It’s what being unknown is all about   It’s the path I choose to take It’s the destiny I make It’s my life now – the only way out   Out ...

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