E58: Harry Remembers Cindy and Dilip

Khush, Shom and everyone there was glued to the large screen at Winks bar, eagerly awaiting Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s arrival that was overly delayed at the Wagah border. Everyone in the bar had their own take on this. Women were apprehensive about a terrorist attack to kill him immediately after he crossed to the […]

E57: Flashback to the Past

While Natasha and Anita were enjoying Calcutta, Shom and Khush got together at their old haunt, Wink bar. “Do you remember Aer bar at all?” asked Khush. “We used to go there ten years ago.” “Yes, of course. But after Raima’s mother  expired and she moved to Harry’s house  in Colaba, I stopped going there. I  remember those days when both of us were chasing Raima and...

E56: Natasha and Anita Team Up

“Her name is Aneesha Jagasia. We have been traveling a lot, including visits to Europe and the US where we met her family. Her parents live in Queens, New York and they were happy to meet me. They took us to see the US Open, near their house. We stayed with them for a week. I was apprehensive […]

E55: Aneesha’s Transformation

“Hey, Khush,” said Shom as Khush and he crossed each other in the Wink bar lounge at the Taj President.  “You’re so much into Anita that you don’t stop to say hello,” replied Khush.  “Where have you been? And how long is Harry going to be in Calcutta?” asked Shom as both settled down across […]

E54: Natasha Loses Her Cool

Harry was not impressed with Dum Dum, now called Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. The old airport used to be much better than Bombay airport, but the new airport didn’t compare well with the new Bombay airport. However, baggage clearance was speedy. As he stepped out, Natasha waved out to him and Arjun rushed […]

S1E53: Peeping Tom

Aunt Bumblee was ten years younger than her husband Hashu, not unusual with arranged marriages in India. The privileged classes were entitled to marry much younger women, regardless of their own age. Hashu’s lack of physical strength apart, he was even lousy in bed. This was obvious from Bumblee’s reactions to his performance and Dilip Dada’s […]