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Short love stories and romantic love stories

Recap S2E12 – Short love stories:

Completing their work in Calcutta, Harry and Anita are on the flight back to Bombay. They discuss love, relationships, instinct and Harry’s long-standing association with Swapna. Anita gives Harry a prostate massage under the covers. As the plane approaches Bombay, Harry asks Anita about the location of her residence.

Short love stories

The moment they landed at Santa Cruz, WhatsApp messages began to pour in. Harry read a long one from Swapna. It said that Anita didn’t have a place to stay anymore. Upon Natasha’s insistence, she had given up her employer’s flat. But after Natasha’s outburst, Anita had nowhere to go.

“Where do you stay?” asked Harry.

“With the Mariwalas in Colaba,” replied Anita.

Once they had settled in the car, Harry broached the subject.

harry love stories

“You should not be staying with the Mariwalas, unless you want to forego the money they owe you.”

Short love stories


“I don’t have any other place to go to.”

“Come and stay with me.”

“What! Are you sure?”

“You can occupy the room that was Raima’s.”

“Oh really! You are my God-sent guru,” she said and hugged him passionately.

They reached Harry’s pad and he showed Anita around. Raima’s room was the most spacious one, with a bathroom attached. Anita thought it was too lavish for her. He didn’t mind using Harry’s room if he would move to Raima’s room. Harry preferred being in his own room. Prakash served them high tea.  Short love stories

Short love stories

“I have not seen such a beautiful view of the sea. This feels like living in it,” exclaimed Anita.

short love stories

“I am glad you like it and I expect you to shift to your own apartment in good time,” replied Harry. Short love stories

“Most certainly. This place motivates me to do my best.” 

“Please do not give this as your address to any business contact.”

“Certainly not! Now please look at me a bit kindly and rest assured I will prove you right.”

“I love your charms. I wish I could make a video of your expressions. You have an expressive face.” Short love stories

Short love stories


harry love storis

“How many girls do you want to seduce?”

Harry laughed heartily. “Wherever I find this inner beauty I first saw in Swapna.”  Short love stories

“What sort of a man are you?”

“In one word, I am a flirt. I flirt with life.”

“A flirt is never attached to anyone.”

“Look how Tiger Woods regained his pride. He made a point that we must be honest to ourselves.”

She looked at him lovingly. Holding her by the hand, Harry led her to his room.

short love stories


Short love stories To be continued…