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Love is Liberating, While Attachment is Controlling

 Love is liberating, while attachment is controlling Love is mutual growth and attachment is hampering Attachment is transient, whereas love is everlasting Love is ego-reducing, attachment is ego-boosting Attachment is from the mind and love from the heart To vanquish the attachment for love, just stay apart

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When We Lose Faith and Our Confidence Is Shattered

When we lose faith and our confidence is shattered We have lost control, which was all that mattered The right thing to do is exercise control over what is left Take charge of ourselves and do our best Not ask for sympathy, disconnect the mind from the rest Avail of this opportunity to put ourselves […]

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Balance Life, Have Fun, Be a Flirt | Motivational Video To Live Life

Balance life, have fun, be a flirt Yet stay calm, composed, always alert. Bring the heart and mind together Like a boxer and his manager Balancing the heart and mind all alone Multitasking, killing two birds with a stone The camera doesn’t matter, facing life is an act Believe in yourself, keep the faith intact […]

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Love is Passion And Passion Is Love 💕 Beautiful Love Poetry

Passion is the madness that overcomes you when you make yourself limitless You are blessed if your passions are broadband and far from narrowness How can your passions be limited unless you are heartless? You can be passionate about anything and everything regardless When passion becomes the ultimate expression of love with willingness Love too […]

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A Breakup Happens Not in Love, Only in a Relationship

A breakup happens not in love, only in a relationship Love is eternal, it offers a lifetime of membership A relationship can turn sour due to an attachment But love only grows and thrives with detachment Love is not with a person but with the divinity within It’s in everyone, you only have to seek […]

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