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Bhang Ke Bina Holi Ke Rang Mein Hai Bhung | Happy Holi 2019

Holi rangon ka tyauhaar zaroor hai lekin bhang ke bina Holi ka rang bhi bhung ho jayega. Why is bhang prohibited in India of all the places in the world? It has had a cultural significance in this country. In Hinduism, bhang takes on special meaning as the preferred plant of Shiva, the God of […]

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S1E7 – Holi Ho!

It's Holi, the perfect time for Harry to meet up with his friends Shom, Raima, Khush, Swapna and Natasha. Everyone is in high spirits with the food, sweets and bhang. Shom and Raima, who have been apart for a while, find the time to be with one another. Shom clears Raima's misconceptions about bhang, 'the drink of the gods', as he describes it. Shom thinks Raima is being materialistic but she...

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