S1E19: Khush Screwvala Screws!

Khush opens up to Harry once they are on the lush greens of the golf course. He recalls the incident during his Goa vacation during his teenage years when he had had a one-night stand with a sexy Parsi widow who lived in the neighbourhood. It had been a close thing because he had escaped just before the widow’s father-in-law had barged into the room with a shotgun. Harry reminded him of his...

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S1E18: Is Screwvala A Rapist?

Khush mistakes a woman at the club for Raima and tries to approach her. The attempt backfires when bystanders misinterpret it as attempted molestation. Harry comes to the rescue and saves Khush from further embarrassment. Shom and Raima are still lost to the world, but for a brief message telling their friends that they are doing fine, reliving the past together. In the meantime, at...

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