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The Happiness Within…

The happiness within us is often shown the door We wallow in misery and keep looking for more   We do not enjoy the pleasures that come our way Yet ask God for more, every moment, every day   Man-made norms, the opposite of the heavenly creed The doings of the mind, while the heart […]

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Rituals will only benefit those who believe in them

Rituals will only benefit those who believe in them Believe in yourself, and from within, will confidence stem   It is belief alone with which all matters must begin It is the belief that matters, whatever it may be in   Belief works wonders if you inculcate self-discipline Love yourself, respect yourself, harness the power […]

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Man Has Made Social Norms | English Poem on Life

Man has made social norms, from the spiritual we depart The doings of the mind, at variance with the ways of the heart   It’s all about the conflict between the heart and the mind The fountainhead of discord that gets us into a bind   Make the heart and the mind compromise, have no […]

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The Philosophy of Life | English Poem On Life

 The philosophy of life; quick, brief, concise and snappy Only if you are happy with yourself are you really happy The quarrel within, drives you into emptiness An agitated mind runs away from happiness Let’s work till the heart-mind conflict subsides Let’s call it a truce, balance the two sides Discord, disharmony, dissonance will […]

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